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"The new, Illustrated Edition of the Normal For Glastonbury paperback is now available! It features twenty-two delightful and humorous illustrations and a new cover by Glastonbury artist Debbie De Mornay Penny.


I'm really pleased with the new edition, the pictures are great fun and perfectly complement my writing. They make the book an even better gift for anyone who loves Glastonbury Town".

P94 - Glasto Stone Circle.jpg
P42b - fairie.jpg

"Fairies were known to the Victorians as elusive creatures, rapidly retreating to their home under Glastonbury Tor when spied by the curious"

P68 - Carnival.jpg

"For this one day of the year, Glastonbury High Street feels like a fairground at a seaside town."

P87 - Glastonbury Magnet.jpg

"We, the Glastoni, must build our own Great Circle atop the Great Hill on which we dwell.."

"The magnet has been broken due to some sort of earth polarity change........"

P37 - Being chased by a duck.jpg



Based in Somerset, England

07393 774291


"I suggest taking a trip to the Avalon Marshes where, depending on the season, you'll find a huge variety of wildlife."

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