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Cafe culture

I find coffee shops a wonderful place to find fun and characterful people. Coffee shops are generally places where we relax, meet and chat with people. They are places can bring a smile to our faces.

Gossip, chatter, expressions, outfits and even, on occasion, dogs, cats and I even once saw a parrot! There is always much going on, much to see and a wonderful source of inspiration for my drawings.

Ladies having coffee.jpg

"She didn't?"

"She didn't" is available as a greetings card here

1a Alternative coffee - Glastonbury Town.jpg

"The alternative coffee"

The above drawing is based on scenes from Glastonbury Town, a fun little town in the heart of Somerset. The sort of dress attire featured here is quite normal for Glastonbury. It is not unusual to see a variety of wonderful eccentric and magical costumes in and around the coffee shops.

"The alternative coffee" is available as a greetings card here

Distraction reaction 3.1.23.jpg
"Distraction reaction"
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