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Through the cat flap
57. Card - Dream on - Copy.jpg

"Dream on"

24. Mini drawings x3 - Debbies cats 3 -

As cat lover, one of my favourite subjects matters for my drawings are cats. Cats can be really funny and I enjoy illustrating their habits, expressions and antics.

93. Card - The look out.jpg
Gardening - my patch.jpg
"The lookout"
"My patch"
24.12.21 - WEB - Purrfect Christmas Lunch.jpg
"The purrfect Christmas lunch"
"Some party"
Drawn to the funny side - FB - WEB.jpg

"Servant of Bast works with water colourist to create efficient mouse disposal system"

28.11.21 - Stealth ankle attack! - Copy.jpg
Web edit - Angry Mog.jpg
"The bruiser"
"The stealth ankle attack"
59. Card - Game on.jpg
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Based in Somerset, England

07393 774291


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17.Mini drawing - The Bandicoot.jpg
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